Commerce City Kush

Commerce City Kush

Chem #4 x Rare Dankess #1

commerce city kush strain

This strain is brought to you by Rare Dankess and it was created by crossing the legendary Chem #4 with the Rare Dankess #1 OG. The end result is a real treasure that wreaks of fuel, lemon, and earth with a chemical undertone. The buds are covered in resin and have different hues ranging from light green light purple to dark purple.

commerce city kush flavor chart

This strain is everything you would expect from an OG with dense tight bud structures, and that beloved OG euphoria is definitely present in the Commerce City Kush as well. The Chem 4 addition packed on the trichomes, added some color, and the chemically acidic undertones to the smell and taste. The yield is moderately high for any strain, which is high for an OG variant.

The effects that this bud give start with a heavy head rush that is energetic and motivating, which lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour. Then, the indica effects hit with a massive body high that melts away pain and relaxes you into sleep if need be.

If you are thinking about smoking or growing the Commerce City Kush strain, I would definitely suggest you follow through with the thought.

Rugburn OG

Rugburn OG Strain Review

Ghost OG x Rare Dankness #1

rugburn og strain

This strain is brought to you by Rare Dankness and was bred by crossing a Ghost OG with Rare Dankness #1. The end result was another beautiful OG variant that is cherished throughout the cannabis community.

Rugburn OG is another gorgeous strain that makes me feel like it is too pretty to break up sometimes, but of course I always do. The nugs are an extremely light shade of green with darker leaves, bright red hairs, and tons of shiny trichomes.

The smell of this strain is sensationally pungent and fuel-y with plenty of pine, lemon, and citrus tones as well. There is also a very slight earthy undertone that is greatly overshadowed by the dank lemony pine.

rugburn og flavor chart

The taste of this strain matches the smell and it is an utter delight to smoke.

The flowering cycle for this strain is very quick finishing in about 55-60 days, and another great thing for someone thinking about growing this strain is the fact that it is much higher of a yielder than the original OG Kush, all while being just as dank.

If you are thinking about trying out or growing Rare Dankness’ Rugburn OG, I would highly suggest it and predict a lot of happiness for you if you do.

Rare Dankess

Rare Dankess Review

rare dankess logo

This seed breeding company has only been around for 6 years at the time this article was written, as it was founded back in 2010.

Rare Dankess is a Colorado company that breeds seeds solely for dispensaries within their state. While some dispensaries and seed banks have found ways to make it possible to bring you Rare Dankness seeds online, they do not ship their seeds directly, even to dispensaries in Colorado.

It is made possible to buy this companies’ seeds because they also have a center in Spain. Once they perfect their genetics in Colorado, they have their production center in spain make the seeds and then they provide them directly to online seed banks and marjuana seed shops.

These guys have really proven themselves in the cannabis community throughout the last few years by releasing high quality genetics.

Here are my top 10 strains from Rare Dankess:

  1. Rugburn OG
  2. Commerce City Kush
  3. Ghost Train Haze #1
  4. Moonshine Haze
  5. Dank Commander
  6. 501st OG
  7. Blue Ox
  8. Flo OG
  9. Midas
  10. Long’s Peak

Most marijuana seed breeding companies that haven’t been around that long don’t have much trust in the marijuana community, but the same couldn’t be said about Rare Dankess, and they have certainly earned that trust and respect. If you are thinking about trying them out, I would highly recommend it! Expect dank strains and stable genetics!

White Rhino

White Rhino Strain Review

White Widow x Unknown North American

white rhino strain

This strain is brought to you by Nirvana seed and was created by a White Widow crossed with an unknown North American strain. The result is a short, stocky, and stout plant that gained plenty of fame and notoriety throughout the United States.

This was the original “High THC” content strain and can even test up there with a lot of today’s dankest strains if it is grown properly.

White Rhino has an aroma profile that consists of an earthy sweetness with an underlying piney fuel undertone.

white rhino flavor chart

If you are looking for an old school strain with some old school effects, I would highly suggest this strain. I would also suggest it to breeders thinking about coming up their own crosses. If you are simply looking for the dankest bud out there I am not sure if the White Rhino strain is the one you are looking for. While it can be tested showing some very high THC levels, even for today’s strain’s standards, it can’t match the smell or taste of some of the OG variants out there.

White Widow

White Widow Strain Review

Brazilian x Indian

white widow strain

If you have been using cannabis for any period of time, you have probably at least heard about the White Widow strain once in your life. This was one of the first “named” “hydroponic” strains that started coming around the city I am from in Florida. People used to say they had “dro”, until White Widow got popular and then that’s what every dealer in the world wanted to sell because of the hype.

Back in the day, this strain was definitely up there with one of the frostiest strains in the world and that played a big part in the high demand it received.

White Widows flavor and aroma profile could be described as earthy, woody, gas-y, and haze-y.

white widow flavor chart

This strain was popular a long time ago and still has a lot of nostalgia factor. A lot of people have only heard of this strain as well, and have always wanted to try it.

I think White Widow is a fire strain, that definitely earned all of it’s awards and praise that it received back in the day, but in today’s Cannabis World and market, there are definitely better strains to be smoked or grown, in my opinion.


Blackberry Strain Review

Raspberry Cough x Black Domina

blackberry strain

This strain was bred by Nirvana Seeds by taking their deliciously satisfying Raspberry Cough and crossing it with Black Domina. The end result was a beautiful, trichome rich, magazine-cover worthy strain that is loaded with different hues from light green to dark purple and everything in between.

The smell and taste of the Blackberry strain is to die for! A beautiful mix of sweet berries, earthiness, and a danky fuel make for an aromatic delight and a tantalizing taste bud burst upon smelling and tasting.

blackberry strain flavor chart

The smell and taste of Blackberry is amazing, but so are the effects. There is an energetic head high that I get from this strain that is like no other. There is still underlying relaxation from the indica, but the motivating rush I get from the sativa end of the spectrum far outweigh the relaxation. I can definitely get things done on this strain, and enjoy smoking it while I do.

Since this is a hybrid, luckily for growers the flowering cycle times and yields favor the indica side of the strain. This means 9-10 weed flowering times with high yields.

If you are thinking about growing or smoking the Blackberry strain, I would definitely recommend it because it is one of my favorites!

Super Skunk

Super Skunk Strain Review

Skunk #1 x Afghani

 super skunk strain

This strain is brought to you by Nirvana Seeds, and they created this beast by breeding 2 classic staples in the cannabis community, Skunk #1 and Afghani. Countless amazing and iconic strains have came from both of these precursors, and adding the 2 together was something the Nirvana Seeds thought of first and brought to the market.

Super Skunk has a flavor profile that consists of pungent gassy smelling skunk, earth, and sweet pine.

super skunk flavor chart

The gassy skunk smell overtakes the aroma profile, but a clean refreshing earthiness is a close 2nd, finally followed up by a sweet piney undertone.

This plant produces heavy, dense, and thick buds that finish their flowering time in a lighting quick 45-50 days. That is ridiculously fast, and a commercial grower’s delight. The yield is moderately high, and the fact that you can finish a flowering cycle in under 2 months means a lot of harvests, especially if you have a veg tent or veg room as well.

Super Skunk is an old school strain with a distinct kick that many people still enjoy smoking to this day. For me, there are too many dank strains out there to still play around with these strains, but some people love the old schools, and if that is the case with you I am sure you will love the Super Skunk strain from Nirvana seeds!

Hawaiian Maui Waui

Hawaiian Maui Waui Strain Review

Unknown Genetics (Hawaiian)

 maui waui strain

Nirvana Seeds supposedly spent years breeding this strain to get a true Hawaiian Valley Island taste. While we aren’t very clear on the genetics, I can definitely tell that this strain is heavily sativa dominant just by looking at it’s budding structure and the leaves on the plants.

This strain has a strong citrus aroma with strong pine and lemon tones and a smooth cool mint undertone.

maui waui flavor chart

 These flavors really shine while smoking Hawaiian Maui Waui and it is a true treat for any cannabis connoisseur.

This is a high yielding strain, but it is expected to get very tall, so if you are planning on trying to grow this strain indoors I would highly suggest training the plant and flipping the 12/12 cycle much sooner than normally anticipated.

I wish we had more information on the actual genetics of the plant, but Nirvana Seeds wasn’t gracious enough. Either way, It is still a very good strain, especially for sativa lovers. Expect a strong and energetic head high that can motivate you to get the toughest tasks done.

Hawaiian Maui Waui from Nirvana Seeds comes highly suggested by be for any sativa lover.

Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic Strain Review

Unknown Genetics- possibly Blueberry, Skunk, and Northern Lights
blue mystic strain

Nirvana introduced this strain to the marijuana growing community a few years ago, but they were very hazy with the information they gave on genetics. Due to it’s blue hues and blueberry aromas many people speculate that Blueberry is in the mix. Since the bud structure of Blue Mystic greatly resembles Northern Lights, I am guessing where that piece of info came from, I am not sure where the info on Skunk originated, but it is the most accepted “theory”.

This strain has a great bag appeal and smells of blueberry, haze, and the Earth.

blue mystic flavor chart

The odor of this plant is fairly mild, especially during growth, which makes it perfect for those looking for stealthy grows. The blueberry and earthy haze starts showing itself during the curing process, and shows up most prominently after you break down your first cured bud in your grinder.

The yield of this strain is medium and the flowering time is fairly fast averaging about 70 days from start to finish.

I would definitely recommend the Blue Mystic strain if you are looking for some old school smoke and bag appeal, but there are definitely more varieties out these days.


AK48 Strain Review

Ice x Jack Horror

ak48 strain

This strain was bred by Nirvana Seeds by taking their iconic Cannabis Cup winning Ice and crossing it with their Jack Horror. The end result was a short, compact, icy plant that packs a punch.

This is an indica dominant strain, but the effects lean more towards the sativa end of the spectrum.

Ice won the Cannabis Cup in 1998 and it was known as the one of the frostiest strains of all time back then. The smell of Ice is earthy, sweet, and minty and that combination matches well with the earthy, berry, sweetness of the Jack Horror. The end result is an amazing blend of earthy, sweet, berry, and minty tones that meld together in perfect harmony.

ak48 flavor chart

AK48 is most suitable for indoor growth, and the fact that the plants stay small and compact make it ideal for people that are low on growing space. The plant also finishes it’s flowering cycle very quickly within 7-8 weeks. This strain yields pretty high, especially for it’s size.

AK48 used to be one of the most popular strains out there, especially since one it’s precursors was an award winning strain that was known as one of the frostiest of it’s day.

If you are thinking about growing or smoking the AK48 strain, I would suggest it.